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Wingsland Scarlet Minivet HD Camera Drone



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Wingsland Scarlet Minivet HD Camera Drone woocs

The Wingsland Scarlet Minivet latest M2 model has a variety of features that you will be interested in as a quadcopter enthusiast. Larger 5inch Display Screen HD 1080p Video Recording Ready to fly High-precision Return-to-Home 25 Min flight time Extremly Tough Vibrant Orange Frame Switching between Right Hand Throttle and Left Hand Throttle Intelligent Multi-operating Modes High-precision 3 Axis GIMBAL

Wingsland Scarlet Minivet

As a professional model of a quadcopter, the features are perfect for a variety of projects. The full HD 1080P FPV camera is phenomenal for capturing landscapes and other images, along with the high quality live feed that you’ll be able to see on the FPV LCD screen. As a first person view system, you will essentially see everything that the quadcopter sees while it’s in flight.

The FPV LCD screen on the professional model is 5” in size, a significant amount of space to receive high quality transmissions between the unit and yourself.

If you’re looking for a model that is going to get a significant amount of flight time, the average flight will last up to 25 minutes with the Wingsland Scarlet Minivet.

The battery offers 3 cells and 5200mAh and is classified as a “smart battery”, typically a feature that is only integrated on models that are twice as expensive. These batteries are designed to offer better time management in terms of power and a longer battery life.

Another useful feature that you’ll appreciate once you start using the quadcopter regularly is the failsafe auto return. In the event that you lose connection with the device or you lose sight of it, all you have to do is tell it to “come home” and the GPS autopilot will bring the unit back to the location that you set as home.

You can control the Scarlet Minivet up to 800 meters away, giving you optimal range for getting great shots.


  • Height changes your aesthetic view
  • Intelligent Multi-operating Modes
  • High-precision Return-to-Home
  • High-precision 3 Axis GIMBAL
  • Integrated intelligent battery, also called smart battery
  • Built-in OSD for flight parameters display
  • With 10 Channels controller
  • Copter/GIMBAL/Camera controllable simultaneously
  • Support free switching between Right Hand Throttle and Left Hand Throttle.


  • Model Name: Scarlet Minivet RC Drone
  • Diagonal motor-motor distance:390mm
  • Battery Capacity:3S 5200mAh
  • Propeller Dia.:1045
  • Camera Resolution:1920×1080 30p
  • Image transmission frequency :5.8G
  • Monitor size:5inch
  • Camera Resolution:1920×1080 30p
  • Control Distance:800m
  • Flight time:25 miniutes
  • Charge time:90 miniutes
  • Transmitter:Right Hand Throttle/Left Hand Throttle(free switch)

1.One trigger to Return-to-Home
2.Signal loss Return-to-Home
3.Integrated and innovative controller
4.Innovative control gimbal with new
up down control gimbal design,you can control
the gimbal as you wish.lock of accelerator is safe.
5.Forward Direction Lock Mode
6.The Forward Direction is the nose direction,
it is useful for your find the nose direction when
the aircraft flying too far to distinguish.
7.Real time image transmission and FPV flight
8.Remote remote control camera and parameter settings
9.Album sync share

1. Aircraft
2. 3-axis Gimbal
3. HD Camera
4. Intelligtent Flight Battery
5. Battery Charger
6. Power Cable
7. Micro-USB Cable
8. Propellers
9. Screw Nut
10. Minitype Screw Nut Wrench
11. User Manual.
12. Remote Controller
13. 5″ Display Screen

Wingsland Scarlet Minivet M2 Technical Specifications:

  • Weight(Battery&Propellers Included) 1085 g 
  • Propellers size 10.45 mm 
  • Max Altitude Above Sea Level 1000 m 
  • Max Ascent Speed 3 m/s 
  • Max Decent Speed 2.2 m/s 
  • Max Pitch Speed 30degree/s 
  • Max Rotation Speed 60degree/s 
  • Max Speed(Stabilization GPS Mode) 18 m/s 
  • Max Speed(POI Mode) 3 m/s 
  • Hover Accurary(Stabilization Mode,No Wind) 
  • Vertical:+/-0.5m 
  • Horizontal:+/-1.5m

All drones can be dangerous so we recommend them for 18 years old and above.


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Wingsland Scarlet Minivet HD Camera Drone

Wingsland Scarlet Minivet HD Camera Drone

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