Helion Criterion Buggy 1:10 - 50KPH !



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  •     Criterion 1/10 Electric Buggy
  •     Speed - Up to 50kph
  •     Battery - 3000mAh 8.4v
  •     Motor - Metric 12 Turn High Speed Brushed Motor
  •     Radio - HRS-3.1 Advanced Programmable 2.4GHz 3-Channel Radio
  •     ESC - Metric 30A Waterproof (supports 2s Lipo)
  •     Suspension - Full Travel and Adjustable
  •     Fully Weather Resistant

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The Criterion Story
The Criterion 2WD Buggy offers performance, durability and value in an incredibly user-friendly package constructed from lightweight yet strong material, the fully independent suspension and oil filled shocks soak up even the worst terrain. A 2.4 GHz 3-channel radio system eliminates frequency conflicts, while the 12-turn motor churns out blistering acceleration and incredible top speeds in excess of 30 mph. A 3000mAh 7 cell NiMH rechargeable battery pack provides excellent runtime while an incredibly efficient LiPo compatible waterproof metric 30A electronic speed controller (ESC) with reverse puts you in full control.

Full ball bearings throughout the vehicle reduce friction and increase runtime. A robust waterproof servo gives crisp steering response while the high grip; long wear tires keep you hooked up over a multitude of surfaces. Included is a 1 Amp A/C wall charger that improves your driving to waiting ratio. Visit often so you'll never be out of touch with the latest innovations headed your way from Helion RC!

Water Resistant Electrics
Utilizing a water resistant receiver box with a waterproof servo and ESC means more fun in more conditions including rain, puddles and snow!

HRS-3.1 2.4GHZ Radio System
Utilizing one of the most advanced 2.4GHz radios on the basher market, the HRS-3.1 brings features to your hand that are typically found in high end radios! This product is not only user friendly, but also includes cutting-edge functions such as end point adjustment, dual rates, digital trims, servo reversing & easy binding.

3000 mAh Battery &1A Charger
A 3000mAh 7 cell NiMh rechargeable battery pack delivers the power necessary to reach speeds in excess of 30 mph while the included 1 Amp charger improves your driving-to-waiting ratio.

Metric 30A ESC (2S LiPo)
The waterproof Electronic Speed Controller (ESC) provides great performance in all weather conditions. The proportional throttle control with reverse & brake is perfect for all skill levels. Ready for upgrades, the ESC supports up to 2s LiPo.

Metric 12T High-Speed Motor
The Metric 12-Turn motor produces class leading speeds & torque. With an internal fan, the motor runs cooler, maximizing efficiency & sustaining performance.

Adjustable Suspension
Long travel suspension arms and adjustable oil filled coil-over turned shocks with bladders, keep you in control over the roughest terrain.

All Terrain Traction
High grip, long wear tires coupled with realistic off-road styled wheels keep you locked in and ready for any condition.

Planetary Differential
Super efficient, rugged metal geared planetary differential gets the power to the ground with reduced maintenance and easy servicing.

Durable Composites
Rugged, engineering grade high impact composite chassis components provide both the strength and durability to keep you running on course.

Precision Ball Bearings
Rubber sealed bearings keep your drivetrain running smooth and efficient by keeping the dirt out of and the grease in!


  •     Lipo compatibility: 2s
  •     Motor: 12T 540 Brushed
  •     Battery: Tamiya ® Connector, Hump Configuration
  •     Gear Pitch: 48P (P:20, S:78)
  •     Wheels: 12mm Hex (ASC and KYO compatible)
  •     Length: 386.40mm (15.21in)
  •     Length: 386.40mm (15.21in)
  •     Width: 249mm (9.80 in)
  •     Wheelbase: 283mm (11.14in)
  •     Weight (approx.): 1560g (3.44lb)
  •     Weight (approx.): 1560g (3.44lb)


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Helion Criterion Buggy 1:10 - 50KPH !

Helion Criterion Buggy 1:10 - 50KPH !

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