Idea Fly Ifly4S ARTF Aerial Photography Quad




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Idea Fly Ifly4S ARTF Aerial Photography Quadcopter IFLY4S

The iFly4S is the evolution of the very successful and super stable iFly4. This new unit is larger, adding more lifting power and giving more stability to an already rock solid platform. The iFly4S has been designed to be able to use a stabilized camera mount and the option for a GPS expansion module making it a great platform for photography, the beginner and even the pro. It also provides a great platform for FPV projects.

The larger platform has collapsible carbon fibre arms which conceal the speed controller cables, an FRP centre plate to hold it all together and oversized landing gear to accommodate larger cameras. At the heart of the iFly4S is a super stable 3 axis stabilisation unit which you need to wire up to your chosen receiver. The calibration software will see you airborne very quickly with a simple to use interface, one of the easiest we have seen. Best of all within 30 minutes you should be airborne.

Ifly4S Quadcopter Features:

  •     3-axis Gyro
  •     LED To help with orientation and night flying
  •     New powerful 650kvb rushless motors with 10A ESC
  •     New Streamlined Canopy
  •     Folding Fuselage
  •     Intelligent flight control with add on GPS Module (optional)
  •     Accepts new 2-axis camera mount (optional)

Tech Spec:

  •     Propeller : 10"
  •     Size : 65cm x 65cm
  •     Distance between the motor shaft : 55cm
  •     Height: 25.4cm
  •     Weight: 810 g (receiver and battery not included).
  •     Max take of weight: 2000g

Required to complete: 3S 11.1v 3S LiPo Battery, charger and 6 Channel Transmitter and Receiver.

*If you are flying any type of aircraft in Ireland with a camera attached, the law now states that you will need to get Irish Aviation Authority permission & public liability insurance. Aircraft of such nature are not allowed to be flown in built up areas or over people.


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Idea Fly Ifly4S ARTF Aerial Photography Quad

Idea Fly Ifly4S ARTF Aerial Photography Quad

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