6S 22.2v 2600mAh 70c Dinogy Graphene 2.0




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Dinogy Graphene 2.0 LiPo Battery 6S 22.2V 2600mAh 70C LC-6S2600XT

Graphene is the newest type nano class material that has the thinnest structure, highest strength and best conductive ability. Lithium batteries with Graphene makes the Li-ion move faster between the positive and negative electrode, which drastically helps to boost its charging and discharging capability, reduce temperature increases and prolong its life cycle. Its comprehensive performance will shoot to a new level.
While our improved tech Graphene 2.0 makes Lithium batteries with a higher energy density(lighter weight and higher capacity), higher under load voltage, higher reliability and better cell matching than those so called Graphene on the market. Light weight and higher output voltage play the most important role in RC racing, every gram lighter can help reduce your finish times for a better chance to win!
Advantages of Graphene over traditional LiPo batteries.

• Higher operating voltage, gives your model more "punch power"
• Higher capacity, provides longer flight times.
• Higher durability with less performance reduction. After many cycles there will be no obvious capacity reduction or power loss
• Lower temperature rise, less heat after high current discharging. Heat is the enemy of Lithium batteries
• Longer cycle life(1000+)
• Lighter weight that makes you model respond faster.
• Perfectly matched cells, the voltage of each cell is extremely consistent.

Why are Giant Power/Dinogy one of the highest performing LIPO batteries on the market so reasonably priced?

Radio Controlled Shop Ireland purchases Giant Power directly from the manufacturer in large quantities so we are able to pass on this discount to our customers.

Giant Powers lipo batteries are made to order ensuring fresh cells in each and every pack. They also ensure that each battery pack is cell balanced and that the internal resistance in each pack are closely matched.


  • Capacity: 2600mAh
  • Cells: 6S
  • Volts : 22.2V
  • Continuous discharge rate : 70C
  • Max discharge rate : 140C
  • Dimensions : 35X42X136mm
  • Weight : 412g
  • Wire: 10AWG
  • Max charge rate : 8C (1-3C Recommended)
  • Max charge amps : 20.8A
  • Connectors : Please let us know which adapter you require
  • Cycle life(1000+)

*Giant Power offer a 6 month warranty on their Lipo batteries from the time of purchase

Li-Po Battery Break In
In order to get the longest life cycles out of your lipo batteries with true capacity readings its importatnt to break in your new lipo battery packs. Like with a new nitro engine you must heat cycle it, also do not let the voltage drop lower than 3.7volts per cell. The chemicals must be activated from the factory as they are not used to high heat discharges yet. Please reduce the throttle to aproxmately half for the first 3-4 cyles.

  • Please do not over charge your lipo more than 4.2 volts per cell unless it is a HV pack(4.35)
  • Please keep your lipo at 3.85 volts per cell when not in use not exceeding a week
  • Please do not over discharge your battery below 3.5 volts per cell. 

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6S 22.2v 2600mAh 70c Dinogy Graphene 2.0

6S 22.2v 2600mAh 70c Dinogy Graphene 2.0

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