3s 11.1v 1300mAh 20c Giant Power Airsoft



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Giant Power Airsoft Gun Lipo Battery LC-3S1300B

  • Capacity: 1300mAh
  • Voltage: 11.1volts
  • Discharge rate continuas: 20c
  • Discharge rate maximum: 40c
  • Dimensions: 16X31X95mm
  • Weight: 100g

By using Giant Power Lipo batteries in your airsoft gun you will get minamum voltage drop giving you consistent repetitive firing power.

Giant Power lipo batteries will also run much cooler then other competitors lipo pack becuase of their low internal resistance.

The C discharge ratings are true ratings and will also out perform higher claimed lipo packs C ratings.

These pack will outperform most competitors lipo packs with longer charge cycles at the highest performance possible.

*Giant Power offer a 6 month warranty on their Lipo batteries from the time of purchase

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3s 11.1v 1300mAh 20c Giant Power Airsoft

3s 11.1v 1300mAh 20c Giant Power Airsoft

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