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Xenon (Xe) ET4 4Ch 2.4GHz AW Radio System



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Xenon (Xe) ET4 4Ch 2.4GHz AW Radio System KNNS0001

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Class leading – driver friendly

An advanced, 2.4GHz, 10 model memory, 4-channel transmitter thats packed with high-end software, has fully adjustable wheel positioning and a selection of hand grip options for ultimate comfort across all ages.

Key Features

  • 10 model memory.
  • 4 channel operation.
  • Servo reverse.
  • Digital trims.
  • End Point Adjustment (EPA).
  • Dual Rates.
  • Throttle fail-safe.
  • Beginner mode reduces throttle output to 50%.
  • Feature Lock (safeguards your settings from prying hands).
  • Memory reset.
  • Idle Alarm.
  • Low voltage alarm.
  • Fully adjustable wheel positioning (left / right fore / aft).
  • Interchangeable hand grip options for ultimate comfort.

What's in the box

1 x ET4 4-channel 2.4GHz transmitter.
1 x IKONNIK 2.4GHz 4-channel all weather receiver.
3 x Rubber hand grips options.
1 x Model memory ID sticker sheet.
1 x Comprehensive instruction manual.

Product Description

As one of the most advanced 4-channel 2.4GHz radios in its class, the ET4 offers features that are typically found only in high‐end transmitters, in particular, an unrivaled 10-model memory. User-friendly, stylish and comfortable in the hand, the transmitter boasts robust functions such as end-point adjustment, dual rates, digital trims, servo reversing, and easy pairing. Delve a bit deeper and you’ll also find three brand new features exclusive to Ikonnik and incorporated into the ET4: beginner mode (which restricts the throttle by 50%), feature lock (designed to protect your finely tuned settings from meddling hands), and factory reset. You’ll also love the fully adjustable drop-down wheel position that suits left- or right-hand operation, and interchangeable ergonomic grips, supplied in three sizes to ensure that hands of all ages can enjoy the benefits of this assured technology.


  • Height (mm): 281
  • Length (mm): 143
  • Width (mm): 128
  • Weight with batteries (g): ??

Needed to complete

4 x AA-size batteries for transmitter.


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Xenon (Xe) ET4 4Ch 2.4GHz AW Radio System

Xenon (Xe) ET4 4Ch 2.4GHz AW Radio System

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