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Flight Lab Toys HoverCross 2-in-1 Ready-to-Fly Quadcopter and Hovercraft Blue FHT1001

Two ways to have fun
A ready to fly, micro, hybrid, radio control hover drone with one-touch take-off and land functionality

Key Features

  • One-touch take-off.
  • One-touch land.
  • Altitude hold.
  • Three flight modes (beginner, intermediate & expert).
  • 360° flips in any direction.
  • 6-axis gyro stabilisation.
  • Low battery alert.
  • 2.4GHz control.
  • Rugged shock-absorbing EPP fuselage.
  • Futuristic styling.
  • Two colour options (red and blue).
  • No assembly required.

What's in the Box
1x Pre-assembled HoverCross hybrid hover drone.
1x 2.4GHz four-channel transmitter.
1x USB charge lead.
1x Spare propeller set.
1x Decal set.
1x Comprehensive instruction manual.
Needed to Complete
3x AAA batteries for the transmitter.

Product Description
The Flight Lab Toys HoverCross RTF is a unique, fun vehicle that can be operated in two guises – as a hovercraft or as a drone. As a hovercraft you can zoom and drift over a variety of surfaces, whilst as a drone you can really stretch its airborne legs with some fast, wild flying that includes 360° flips and rolls. Two attractive colour options give you the chance of racing with friends and with a durable EPP shock-proof body you can relax in the knowledge that practically all bumps and crashes will be absorbed. One touch of the 'stunt' button is all it takes to flip the HoverCross on its back whereupon it becomes a stable, yet capable, easy-to-fly quadcopter. Here its 6-axis gyro system provides an exceptionally smooth flight pattern whilst the sophisticated internal barometer will assist beginners who are sure to appreciate the auto take-off, auto land and altitude hold functions.

But that's not all, with three flight modes (beginner, intermediate and expert) the HoverCross is ready and waiting for you to increase its speed and agility as your skills improve. Another touch of the 'stunt' button and you're back to drifting across the floor in hovercraft mode.

As an RTF vehicle the HoverCross is supplied pre-assembled with everything you need in the box, save the three AAA batteries for the transmitter. Easy charging is afforded by the included USB lead which tops the battery up quickly for drone flights that can last 6 minutes and even longer (up to 12 minutes) in hovercraft mode.

Never before have the features of an R/C hovercraft and quadcopter been so successfully combined. The result is two avenues of fun for the price of one. Race around the coffee table on a cushion of air, then hit the flight switch and the HoverCross flips inverted ready for take-off.

Incorporating a host of electronic flight aids it’s fair to say that practically anyone can enjoy the HoverCross and have it flying within minutes of opening the box. Capable 6-axis gyro stabilisation sees to that, not to mention sophisticated altitude hold technology and a tuned, harmonised feel in flight.

Gone are the days when learning to fly a quadcopter was a haphazard hit-and-miss affair. With optional one button auto-take-off and auto land functionality the HoverCross can make you look good no matter how new you are to flying.

Take it from us, the HoverCross is an R/C craft that all the family can enjoy. With a rugged, shock-absorbing, high-density EPP fuselage it really can take the knocks and bounce back for more. But fear not, if the worst happens and the family pooch treats it like a frisbee, spare parts are readily available.

Quadcopter Technical Specifications

  • Weight 38g 1.34oz
  • Shipping Weight 0.32kg 0.70lbs
  • Product Height 55mm 2.17in
  • Product Width 165mm 6.50in
  • Product Length 165mm 6.50in
  • Completion Level RTF
  • Experience Level Beginner
  • Recommended Usage Environment Indoor
  • Material EPP
  • Power Source Electric


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HoverCross 2-in-1 RTF Quad & Hovercraft

HoverCross 2-in-1 RTF Quad & Hovercraft

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