Repair Division    

We repair, build and set up all types of RC models including cars, helicopters, planes, boats, quadcopters and multicopters.

We have very competitive pricing but are not the cheapest, just the best ! We can not provide our professionalism and quality service at a cheap price. 

Some of our latest contracts in suppling and building multirotor platforms for the film industry and the government have been both in Ireland and the UK.

  • Most repairs take approximately to 1-2 weeks to complete as we have a huge back log of repairs to get through.
  • If you are dropping in a repair please call ahead of time(within business hours).
  • If you are sending us a repair via courier please request a repairs form via email to fill out and send with your product.
  • We are unable to carry out any on the spot repairs.  All issues need to be booked in and dealt with in the order they come in.
  • Please click on this link to fully understand our terms and conditions in regards to repairs.
  • Click here to download a repair form to be sent up with any repair
  • During November and December the repair center is closed each year. 
  • Our repair prices are set at €40 per hour

Our repair division

  • Why attempt to, or get your friend to build, set up or tune your model which regularly results in a crash due to lack of knowledge or skill.
  • Instead you can get it done by professionals who have years of experience in the RC field.
  • We guarantee all building, set up and tuning work that we carry out on your model if all products are new and bought from us.
  • Your model can be set up for a beginner or for full on 3D flights.
  • Once completed your model will be flight tested.
  • Also on completion of a new build you will receive a framed certificate of completion, explaining your set up and the control settings of your radio

*We take no responsibility for used products installed or testing your model if it’s not new and purchased from us

Check out some of our latest work. Right click the picture then click view image