What our customers are saying

"Dear David, my order has arrived many thanks for the great service Sincerely Robert huijbregts"

"Hi David,Got the plane today in perfect condition.Thank you very much for a fantastic service! I look forward to doing business with you again in the very near future. Thanks and Regards, Ron!

"PS. You provide a great service. I ordered and paid for some items during the past week and they arrived at my door within a couple of days. Well done. Paul Mooney"

"Hi David, Collected the replacement battery on Friday, thanks for your good service. Keith"

""Hello David. It is pleasant to me to work with you! I already told to the friends about you. In the near future I will write about you at the modeling forum most popular in Russia. From your shop the most pleasant responses! As speak at us in Russia: Will be at on call on!"

"Hello David, thanks for your fairness, honesty and professionalism.Best Regards, Cristiano."

"Hello David, Sorry for my "late" response...Thank you for helping me out...Sure after my order im glad to post about your real good service, no problem..."

"Hi David, Sorry , just saw your mail today, I am still on holiday, yes my maid have received the parcel on Oct 20th .Great service from you, Thank You"

"Hi David Many thanks for the muffler nipple - received today and can now get my Outrage in the air (when the weather improves!). Cheers Justin."

"Great David I'll order it now in the next few minutes. Thanks again mate excellent customer service will recommend to all doing airsoft ( for chargers and batteries )."

"Hi David, Just to let you know that the balance boards have arrived. I have given your web page address to someone that I sold a 24v power supply... Gary was his name I told him about the excellent service shown by yourselfand I believe he has also purchased a PL8"

"really appreciate you getting it sorted, no worries about the delay, not many places would have got it sorted at all! thanks a million David, Will do, cant wait! "Kieran

"Thank you for your excellent delivery service I would just like to check that I have ordered the correct propellers with my last order I wish to use them with a glow plug engine are they ok to use with this engine, Many thanks Chris P"

"Hello Sir My goblin just arrived wow amzing piece of machinery, thank you for all your help and guidance on products to get it in the air. Weather great in France now so i hope to fly this weekend and will give you my opinion on the Giant Powers" Freddie

"Hi David, Thanks very much for your response to my question, my pl8 now charges at 40a so I am very happy. Once again thanks very much."Mark E

"Lovin the Logo its amazing, well worth the wait. Service is the best yet I will definately be buying from you shop from now on "Alan Jacobs

"i know that ive to charge only the same cell count and same mah batteries.thanks for the quick reply and quick delivery of my order will be ordering more stuff in the future deffinetly. thanks again" D.McKenna

"Hello Mr.RC Shop, our club are ver excited now that we are using the Giant Power Batterys here in Finland, we have tested these with other lipo and are quiet amazed. Thank you for this gret product and service. Well be back" Bozek Kocsis

"David i have flight with the giants  ,and yes i am surpriced . i did the flights on my T-rex 550  ,to run in the lipo's and i have more power and more rpm.than with my hyp.35C. after the flight i messure the voltage per cell ,and the gap between the cells is verry small .  +- 0,008  volt of the min and max. voltage per cell. on the first charg  ,the Ri begins on +-42 Mohm.  and decrease to +-25 Mohm. full load . between the first and 4 more chargs there are no big differents . i can give you the tags that i gave loaded on my laptop .but you needed to download the free software from hyperion to look to the tags . software is EOS control &Data suite. ps. I make a good worth for you on the club" Fabien Corant

"Hi All, I have been in this hobby for some time now and its about time we had a proper model shop stocking most parts and nitro fuel good work" Robert Cavanagh

"Hi, I'll transfer the money immediately. I really do appreciate all extra work you have put into this! I would gladly recommend your shop if there's a good place to do that on the Internet. thanks, Stefan Karlsson

"you are very professional pilot, today show me Align 500 fly,very nice very best :) Thank you very much your help and your job :) Thank you David" Joesph Mesko

"Hi David, You're a legend, thanks a million! Will definitely keep recommending everyone to go to you, class products and even better service! thanks a million Kind Regards Kieran Taite"

"Dear Sir, I was buying in the UK till I found your shop. Your prices and service is better. Thanks one happy customer" John Lynch

"Hey, it arrived this morning. Thanks for the quick delivery" All the best David

"thank david, i knew i can count on u r awesome....cheers" Swapnil Patel

"Hi David, Thanks for great after sales service :) I'm off to Weston Park on saturday for my first big air show. I have found Georgi on HeliFreak very helpful on the skookum. If you know anyone thats wants 2x TotalG's one with the failsafe i would get another sk540 for the fusion 50. I will pass the word around about the Giant power lipos and when my trungys die i will try some or the Warp 360 comes out !! cheers Martin

"Thank you. Nice ! Next Time I'll test Giant Power. Also Nice that you not only sell, but also give advice. This is very important to me. Good shop with good support.... I will let know around me. "Guy

"Great service, I appreciate all of your help and next time i will get the RC heli from your shop." Danny Boyle

"Hello David woaaaaaw. I have received the package with the 3 goblins to day . that fast . thank you very much for the servisses " best regards fabien

"Thanks David. Always happy to give credit where it's due and will use your shop again soon I'm sure. I have bought from XXXXXXXX in the past but was recently less than impressed with their after sales service so that's why (after some looking around) I placed an order with yourselves" Best regards Davy

"Hi David, I just want to let you know that Sebastiaan is delighted with his new car! I just need to go out & buy a battery charger and re-chargable batteries ;-)

(I remembered that the fact that the other car had one, rechargable battery was the reason I chose it in the fist plave) Thanks for helping him make a choice for a car that he is better able to control, he's had hours of fun with it so far"Cheers, Eva

Im just sending this e-mail to congrulate the store for the fast shipping and the real good value on the DX8.I wasn't expecting to arrive till friday.And arrived today in the morning,less the 15 hours.The price that you are selling with 2 rx's and the DX8, is really good a price,I couldn't find cheaper in any another store.Keep it up the good prices and customer Service....Cheers! Marcio

"Hi David, Payment sent, many thanks for the priority and resolution, its really appreciated."Cheers,Tim

"Dave. What a legend. Perfect thanks ! Just need to wait for the shrink to get here. Thanks again" Regards graham

Hi David, I just wanted to let you know that your packages has arrived at my post office now, that was quick!! Thanks for a great service mate, I'm looking forward to the Goblin quote. (2 days to Sweden)

"Yo Davey those Giant Power batteries F-in ROCK dude!!!!! Thanks for the advise," Raymond Lee
"Thank you so much david like usual flawless mate really really happy i will be sure to leave feedback on the site also fb page did you. Manage to put the deans and Ec5s in matey. Gary W

"Hi guys I just ordered a wing from you for my Skyartec Cessna 182, just wanted to say it was a fantastic service and so quick so thanks for that. All I have to do now is learn how to fly it! :)"Regards Garrett

"Hi David Yes, you did, you played as a very important role in the new campaign, we'll never forget such a true and sincere partner like you. Thank you very much!" Best regards Harrison L&E Company China

"Thanks David,Brain was a breeze to set up and flys brilliantly I'm very impressed with the unit. Thanks for sorting the outrage pipe out for my OS 91." Yours kindly Mark

"Thanks very much my number is XXXXXXXXXXXXX. I also want to say a big thank you to you and for a great experience you have been more than helpful. I will defiantly be buying from you again and I will be spreading the word" Many thanks Peter.

"David Thanks for the great service, a new Fuselage with both connectors attached arrived today. I will recommend your shop to other members of our club" Regards Denis
"Hello David, thanks for your reply, that's great news. I'll be surely recommending your service" Kind regards Radu
"Hey David! Thanks!I'm really satisfied with the price and your service, I'll be buying more from you, that's for sure. Matter of fact, I've already suggested your shop to my friend (Damir Simpovic), he'll buy Brain or iKon next week Will contact you when unit arrives (hopefully soon, can't wait to test it :) ) Best regards and have a nice day Rob"
"Hi David, I got the helicopter this morning. Great service, this a xmas present for my brother in law so If I test fly it should I drain the battery before putting it away for a few weeks?" Regards, James
"Helicopter received already super buy thanks so much ..will be back again ...great service " Bri.Buckley
"I will never buy out of the country again, awesome service and pricing. I appreciate all the advise." Have a great Christmas I know I will ;) Andy
"Hello David, Thank you very much for help at such as busy time in the run up to christmas , i really appreciate your help in sorting out my order and ensuring it caught the courier , so once again thank you and i hope to be dealing with you again" yours sincerely Paddy Mulvaney
"Thanks David. Great service and advise so far" Regards John
"Thank you for the fast shipping has just about an hour ago I received a package" Wieslaw
"Hello David, OK, thanks for the heads up, that’s really a nice touch and a great added value service to avoid trouble with bad cells. your service is highly appreciated, i will
certainly make you my provider of choice and confidence!" Kind regards, Benjamin
"Hello David, I have received both Giant Power batteries on 18th. I'm very happy thank you very much again. I will do advertissment for your shop. See u for a next purchase. Have a good day" Chris
"Hi David, I received all the parts I ordered during the week in good condition so id like to say thank you for the`quality service. Also I was wondering if you have any more Giant Power batteries in stock as I would like to purchase a backup?" Kind Regards, Brian
Hi David, Package arrived 1st thing this morning. First impressions very good.Thanks for prompt and efficient service. Timothy H
Hey David, Class service, well impressed. Thanks i will be definately back. Barry K
David, Thanks for your note about the batery check on my order. It was the first time I ordered from Radio Controlled Shop. I am well impress with lead time and the quality of the delivery, all the items were carefully wrapped, separately, I always look into details myself. I have referred your shop. They might or might not have heard of you already. Again, thank you for the quality of your work so far... very good first impression. Best regards, Arnaud
Hello David,Batterie arrived today (how is this possible, so fast!!??)! Thanks you very much for your great service!! Have a nice day :) Sincerely yours, Jonas.