Giant Power high performance LiPo batteries in detail (Section undergoing work) Dinogy, RTF and Dinogy Sport are all produced in the same factory as Giant Power.

Radio Controlled Shop Ireland have been doing research for many years in order to find the best LiPo batteries untill now. We are now buying our LiPo's direct in the LNE factory to bring you the best prices possible on whats considered one of the highest performing lithium polymer battery packs on the market.

Li-Po Battery Break In

In order to get the longest life cycles out of your lipo batteries with true capacity readings its importatnt to break in your new lipo battery packs. Like with a new nitro engine you must heat cycle it, also do not let the voltage drop lower than 3.7volts per cell. The chemicals must be activated from the factory as they are not used to high heat discharges yet. Please reduce the throttle to aproxmately half for the first 3-4 cyles.

  • Please do not over charge your lipo more than 4.2 volts per cell unless it is a HV pack(4.35)
  • Please keep your lipo at 3.85 volts per cell when not in use not exceeding a week
  • Please do not over discharge your battery below 3.5 volts per cell.

The latests in depth load tests carried out on some of the most popular Lipos used worldwide can be found here...Its a big thread on RC Groups but well worth the read. Dinogy Lipos were categorised in the top three of the best and the testers favorite

About Graphene Batteries

Graphene is the very latest ‘wonder material’ for nano class batteries, bringing with it a range of attributes which lift battery performance to a new level.

Graphene is a honeycomb lattice of carbon atoms, and is a potent conductor of electrical and thermal energy. When Graphene technology is added to Lithium batteries, the ions are able to move much more quickly between the positive and negative electrodes. This boosts the battery performance in every respect and, because of Graphene’s astonishingly light weight, there is no weight penalty. In fact, there is a weight saving!

Our latest ‘Graphene 2.0’ technology allows us to produce market leading Lithium batteries with higher energy density (lighter weight and higher capacity), higher under-load voltage, higher reliability and precision cell matching. As every drone racing pilot knows, light weight and higher output voltage are vital if you want to stand on the podium: The Dinogy Graphene 2.0 is your route to racing success!

Dinogy Ultra Graphene 2.0 80C VS Tattu R-line 95C

Turnigy Graphene Battery test Click here

Advantages over traditional LiPo batteries.

• Higher working voltage - gives your models more "punch".

• Higher capacity - provides longer flight times.

• Higher durability with reduced performance attenuation - no obvious capacity or power loss after many cycles.

• Lower temperature rise, so less heat after high current discharging. Heat is a killer of Lithium batteries.

• Longer cycle life (1000+).

• Lighter weight – so greater speed and improved handling.

• Perfectly matched cells – Graphene 2.0 technology produces extremely consistent cell voltages.

The LNE factory have now released the worlds best performing longest cycle batteries in the world, 1000 cycles + (Click on this banner below for the first review from an independent professional testing company in Germany)

Noel Campion Representing Ireland at the EU Heli Championship


Another world record for Giant Power batteries

Congratulations to 2nd generation FE boat racer Tyler Davis. Tyler set a new IMPBA 1/3rd mile oval record for N2 Sport Hydroplane boats in October 2015. Tyler beat his Dad's long standing record using some prototype Giant Power HV-435 2 cell batteries. The 2 lap time of Tyler's world record run was 31.489 seconds.

Another world record for Giant Power batteries

Ben Gugler running a 2S 7.4volt 4000mAh Lipo Battery at the IMPBA topping out with another world record of 114.516 Kph

Giant Power FPV Racing pack review 3S 11.1volt 1500mAh 65C

Spanish FPV racer finishes in 2nd place with the new DINOGY Graphene 2.0 1300 4S 70C battery (June 2016)

Giant Power has made the NAMBA 2 lap oval record list. Congratulations to Brad Lewis for setting a new 10th scale Unlimited modern class record. Brad beat the old record by over 2.5 seconds. The boat was powered by Giant Power 5000mAh 2 cell 65C packs in series. Great job Brad!

This is a customer’s battery cycle log for his Giant Power LiPo batteries showing 250 cycles flown hard on a T-Rex 700. Many people when purchasing LiPo batteries don’t take life cycles into consideration and just purchase on spec and price. So a battery that cost you €20 and gives you 100 cycles is more expensive that a battery that costs you €30 and gives you 200 cycles. Giant Power LiPo batteries are guaranteed for 200 cycles plus with a 6-month warranty. They are built with fresh cells as per order with matched IR and voltage per cell. Graph added to the website on (14 August 2014)

We’re proud to be the first ones to reveal the secret of high power Li-Po battery technology. You’ll understand what true nano-tech is by taking a look at the following production video and comparison data.

Why are Giant Power, one of the highest performing LIPO batteries on the market, so reasonably priced?

Radio Controlled Shop Ireland purchases Giant Power directly from the manufacturer in large quantities so we are able to pass on this discount to our customers.

Giant Powers lipo batteries are made to order ensuring fresh cells in each and every pack. They also ensure that each battery pack is cell balanced and that the internal resistance in each pack are closely matched.

Dinogy LiPo batteries have helped make history on October 25th 2014 in Saint George Utah. Broken a new world record by powering the fastest radio controlled car. It achieved 202.02mph on Dinogy 65C Li-Po batteries.

Only a teaser video made by Noel Campion the 2014 Irish Heli Nationals champion so I cant wait for the final production

Giant Power has been developing the most advanced lithium polymer technology to produce the best quality batteries at a very competitive price.

From the above discharge curve, you can find Giant Power (Red line) can still give out more than 2000mAh (90% capacity) after 45 times continuous high rate discharge at 38.5A, and the MPV (Middle point voltage) is 10.45V

While Hxxxxxxx (Green line) has a little lower MPV than Giant Power it lost 340mAh after 45 cycles and can only give out 1860mAh (84% capacity).

And with 45 cycles on the Txxxxxx Nxxx Txxx (Blue line) it degraded even worse with a MPV decrease of10.28V and the capacity dropped from 2200mAh to 1775mAh loosing 425mAh, it can only give out 80% capacity.


  • Higher Curve = Higher MPV (Middle Point Voltage) = Higher RPM
  • Longer Curve = Higher capacity = Longer life cycle.

Latest Results from 3DX Ukraine 2012

  • 1st Place 3DX - Eugeniy Dyakov, Moscow - GIANT POWER 65C
  • 3rd Place 3DX - Leonid Volkov, Moscow - GIANT POWER 65C
  • 1st Place F3C - Alexander Romanov, Kiev - GIANT POWER 50C
  • 3rd Place F3C - Alexey Vasilchenko, Chita - GIANT POWER 50C

Nikolay Goncharov #1 in Russia, official Kasama Team Pilot at 3D Masters 2011.

3DX Ukraine 2011 held on July 16-17th 2011

1st place - Dmitry Meluhanov, St Pitersburg, Russia.
Models: Align Trex 700N - Edge - YS91 - Tornado Fuel - Henseleit TDR -Scorpion 4530 - Kontronik Jive - GIANT POWER 4200-50C

2nd place - Anton Berezhnoy, Chernigov, Ukraine.
Models: Compass Atom 6HV - Rotortech - Compass 5026 - Markus 80HV - GIANT POWER 2600-50C - X-Cell Furion 6 - Rotortech - Scorpion 4035 - Markus 120HV - GIANT POWER 3300-50C

3rd place - Yaroslav Lubimov, St Pitersburg, Russia.
Models: Kasama Srimok 90E - Rotortech - Scorpion 4525 - Kontronnik Jive - GIANT POWER 5000-50C

Mr Eugeniy Gromov, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine (Winner of World Cup 2003 class Eco-Standart, World Champion 2010 class FSR-E)

On the 17th June 2011 Mr Eugeniy Gromov took 1-st place in Euro Championship of RC-Boats (class Eco Expert) in Germany

Actually now he is World Champion, 3-time Euro Champion (1 time with Giant Power), Champion of CIS - 2011(with Giant Power), Holder of Cup of Spain - 2011 (with Giant Power)

Video of the final race of CIS-Championship 2011.
Champion, Mr Gromov using GiantPower battery 2S 2200 35C

Mr. FAFA took 2nd place for GAM Cup with our GIANT POWER held in He Nan Province on 5th June 2011

He has tested numerous LIPOs from different companies such as Thxxxxx Pxxxx, Hyxxxxxx, Pxxx Qxxxx, but GIANT POWER is the only one that satisfies him.

Here're the video links for our Li-Po 2500mAh 11.1V 35C's actual performance after 200 cycles conducted by FAFA!

These objective tests prove that Giant power have excellent quality, durability, low internal resistance and very high performance, most of all, you can't find other packs at a better price and quality than Giant Power, they are your best choice!

*For more information of Li-Po battery care please refer to:



Our superb quality has worked numerous miracles in many events and competitions, which have earned us great trust and support from customers all over the world.

The L&E Battery Co.Ltdhas devoted its time to researching and developing high-powered R/C batteries for many years now. With groundbreaking performance and excellent durability our batteries are getting recognition by more and more R/C fans around the world.

Giant Power/Dinogy L&E battery companies warranty


L&E warrants against any defective batteries we manufacture. But please make sure to check the battery carefully upon arrival for any faults, such as low voltage, no voltage, puffing, etc. If any such problems arise, please be sure to stop using the defective battery and return it immediately together with the original dated receipt to formal retailers/distributors from which you purchased L&E battery for analysis and inspection.

Warranty Coverage and Duration

  • Abnormal pack voltage (lower than 3.6V/cell) and/or 0 voltage must be reported within 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Bloated cell(s) must be reported within 30 days from the date of purchase.
  • Persistent imbalance of one cell of greater than 0.3 volts when compared to the average of the other cell(s) in the pack, this imbalance must be reported within 15 days from the date of purchase.


Warranty Exclusions

  • Physical damage (impact, crushed, water, moisture, salt, ect)
  • Over-charging (charge voltage higher than 4.20V/cell), over-discharging (discharge till very low voltage below 3.0V/cell), reverse-charging and radical over-current discharging.
  • Problems caused by improper charging, defective chargers or user settings.
  • Use outside of specifications
  • Improper storage (high temperature and humidity, fully charged storage for more than 15 days, etc)
  • Short-circuit.
  • Improper balance connections to the charger.
  • Normal wear.
  • Returns without prior notice and confirmation.
  • All or most of the cells in a pack get bloated. This may result from over-capacity discharge, radical over-current discharge, improper storage, or charge voltage in excess of 4.21V/cell. If you have experienced this problem, please check your charging and power system(s) to determine the cause and to prevent further issues with other packs.
  • If your LiPo battery shows any signs that it may be defective especially the cells puffing up or swelling its imperative it is reported immediately and not used again. Do not further charge or discharge the battery. If the battery is further charged or discharged you warranty will be void.



  • Always use Li-Po battery packs together with the Low Voltage Buzzer, which can help avoid damaging Li-Po battery packs by over-discharging. The Low Voltage Buzzer is available in your local dealer/distributor.(Radio Controlled Shop Ireland)
  • Always charge the battery pack after use till approx. 3.85V/cell for long-term storage.


Some of the latest acheivements:

Thailand's top pilot Wicharid Ridbamrung has joined the Giant Power flight team

Axel Mondet winning the French F3C

Noel Campion, one of Ireland's top pilots canopy