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  • During this pandemic we will be trading online only, this applies to Ireland and the UK. Please contact us for other regions as most flights have been grounded. Sorry for this inconvenience caused, please stay safe! Delays are to be expected due to the limited amount of drivers available.

Please read these terms and conditions carefully as it governs the relationship between you and us, and limits our liability to you when you purchase products from us. By accepting these terms and conditions you are forming a contract with us and agreeing to the terms and conditions that appear below. References to “you” and “your” are to you as an individual. References to “us”, “our” and “we” are to Our Shop.

Please note that all radio controlled or remote controlled helicopters, planes, cars and boats require a certain level of skills. In order to get this training it is advised to learn to operate these models on a simulator first, sold at Radio Controlled Shop.

Please contact us if you are unsure about a product being suitable for your requirements, we would be happy to professionally guide you to the right choice.

Please take the time to understand the law when purchasing with the intent to operate any RC model especially those that have an advanced autopilot system and that carries a camera. This is the customer’s responsibility to fully understand the law and how to operate these models in a safe manner.

Important information, please read.

The products we sell are aimed at those who want to take the RC hobby to the next level from the RC toy world. Most of the products we sell are not considered toys and are potentially very dangerous if not used in the correct manor. It extremely important to gain knowledge on any product we sell before purchasing it in order to fully understand what’s involved in operating it and maintaining it. The correct use for the appropriate age group including the servicing and maintenance of the product is paramount for the ease of use and longevity of the product you purchase. We are here to assist and guide you in order to reduce the risk of injury and to prolong the use of the product you choose.

Examples of use and maintenance:

***All brand new models either powered by an engine or a lipo battery need to be broken in. If using a new lipo battery its important to do three cycles on the battery in the model that bring heat into the battery slowly, not full power from new. If you have a model with an engine, heat must also be brought into the engine over the specified amount of tanks outlined in the manual. With a nitro powered engine its generally 5-8 tanks leaning out the (HSP) high speed needle about 1/8 of a turn clockwise every 2 tanks. With a petrol engine its generally over the course of 2-3 tanks of fuel with a higher oil content in the first two as outlined in the manual.

If choosing a drone ensure its age appropriate. Do not fly it in wind, rain, snow, hail or any adverse weather that will limited your control on the craft. Always fly in a safe manor outlined by the IAA (Irish Aviation Authority) Always store your lipo batteries at storage charge in a lipo safe bag. A full nut, screw and both check must be performed before and after every use.

If choosing a car, tank or bike ensure its age appropriate. Do not use it in wet conditions unless it is waterproof. If operated by the sea it must be cleaned down with an air compressor and coated with GT85 as soon as possible or corrosion will set in. Sand or dirt can also be problematic if it reaches the drive gears. A full nut, screw and both check must be performed before every use. Its important to use thread lock especailly when your model is new on all metal to metal screws and bolts to insure that they dont vibrate loose. Click here to purchase medium thread locker

If driving any RC car its paramount to get traction on whatever surface is appropriate for the car you choose. If you are just spinning the wheels it will put a lot of strain on the drivetrain and other parts too. We commonly see customers purchasing cars with brushed motors and driving them on grass. This strain and overload will damage the brushed motor, spur gears or gears inside the gear box prematurely.

A car with a brushed motor can only take so much abuse whereas a brushless motor apart from being more powerful and efficient can take a good beating.

If choosing a plane ensure its age appropriate. Do not use it in wet conditions unless it is waterproof. Do not fly it in wind, rain, snow, hail or any adverse weather that will limited your control on the craft. Always store your lipo batteries at storage charge in a lipo safe bag. A full nut, screw and both check must be performed before and after every use.

If choosing a helicopter ensure its age appropriate. Do not use it in wet conditions unless it is waterproof. Do not fly it in wind, rain, snow, hail or any adverse weather that will limited your control on the craft. Always store your lipo batteries at storage charge in a lipo safe bag. A full nut, screw and both check must be performed before and after every use.

If choosing a Boat ensure its age appropriate. Dont not use in salt water. After use it must be cleaned down with an air compressor and coated with GT85 as soon as possible or corrosion will set in.

All models that have an engine require servicing and maintenance too.

On our model engines ensure you are using the correct fuel and oil mix. Warm up the engine before drive hard. Ensure the air filter is clean, oiled and in its proper position not allowing debris to enter the carb. After use ensure the piston is BDC (Bottom Dead Centre) this will stop the piston from getting stuck in the wrong position when the engine cools. Use after run oil after each use to reduce corrosion. If storing the engine for a while it’s advisable to block air from entering the engine by blocking the exhaust inlet and carburettor inlet.

On lithium battery powered models never charge beyond 4.2volts per cell unless it’s a HV battery, store at 3.86volts per cell if not in use for more than a couple of days and NEVER over discharge beyond 3.4volts per cell. Over discharging lithium batteries is the number 1 killer! In addition please unplug the battery from the model and never leaved switched on.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for advice on any product you may be interested in purchasing as we want you to have chosen correctly and get the best enjoyment from your new RC model.

***Deliveries to the Russian Federation over 2KG can only be made from business to business.

1. Your Order

1.1 Each order placed by you with us shall be an offer by you to us to buy products subject to these and the website terms and conditions.

1.2 No order you place shall be deemed to be accepted by us until we have received payment from you and issued confirmation of the order.

1.3 You must ensure that the terms of your order, including the address for delivery, are complete and accurate.

1.4 All quotations and advertisements for products given on this website are given on the basis that no contract for sale shall come into existence between us and you until we have received payment from you and issued acknowledgement of your order. Any quotations or advertisements for products given on this website may be altered or withdrawn by us at any time.

1.5 We shall endeavour that all orders are met. We do not, however, guarantee the availability of any product at any time. Where a product is temporarily out of stock we will advise you of when we expect to be able to fulfil orders, however this is an estimate only and shall not be binding upon us.

1.6 Sometimes stock may be withdrawn or discontinued. We shall make every effort to update the website at all times, but you understand and acknowledge that we are not liable to you for any failure or delay to fulfil an order due to products being out of stock, withdrawn or discontinued.

1.7 Once an order has been placed by you and accepted by us you have no right to cancel the order, except at our discretion in exceptional circumstances. Once we have dispatched the products we are unable to cancel any orders.

1.8 If a product is back ordered then your full order will be sent out when all items are back in stock.

1.9 Tax may be added or removed from your order after checkout depending on the country you are purchasing from. 

2. Delivery (More terms on delivery) Delays are to expected during Brexit to the UK, we have no control over this.

1.9 Christmas orders 2023 - The last collection day for Christmas delievry is the 19th of December (1-2 days to arrive Ireland only). International orders (EU and out)are best to be placed before the 6th of December. 

2.0 Delivery of the products shall take place at the delivery address contained in your order or your verified Paypal account. If you request it to be delivered to a second address then shipping will have to paid again. Orders can not be left anywhere you request they must be signed for as they are tracked and insured.

2.1 Any dates or times specified by us for delivery of the products are intended to be estimates only and time of delivery shall not be of the essence, and shall not be made of the essence by notice.

2.2 Subject to the other provisions contained in these terms and conditions, we shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential loss (all three terms which include, without limitation, pure economic loss, loss of profits, loss of business, depletion of goodwill and similar losses), costs, damages or expenses caused directly or indirectly by any delay in the delivery of the products (even if caused by our negligence).

2.3 If for any reason you or the person at the delivery address refuses to accept delivery of the products, all risk in the products shall pass to you and we may, at our discretion, charge for return of the products to us, a storage fee and a redelivery fee to another address nominated by you. In a case where our courier can not find your address or contact you, your parcel will be returned to us. At this point the courier has been paid and completed his task. If you want your parcel redelivered then the courier fees will need to be paid again. 

2.4 The cost of delivery shall be calculated when you place your order with us and payment shall be due at the time of payment for the products. However in some cases shipping may not be added or be correctly calculated depending on your location and volumetric weights. We will then contact you with your shipping quote

2.5 You must check the packages carefully before signing.  You must ask the driver to wait for no more than 15 minuites whilst you check the goods.  If there any signs of damage what so ever, you must sign as DAMAGED on the drivers paperwork and report to us within 48 hours of signing.  If you put UNCHECKED, NOT CHECKED or words to that affect, this will be taken as clear acceptance of the goods.  If there are any discrepancies to the order, please inform us within 48 hours of reciept, otherwise you will have accepted them as they are and we can take no further liability for incorrect goods. GLS delivery terms

2.6 When back ordering a product or products it or they will be sent with the the full order unless you state so, which means you will incur the extra shipping charges

2.7 All deliveries are sent with a tracking number and insurance if choosing GLS/Fastway in Ireland or DHL and An Post for international orders. If you choose to get your purchase sent via regular mail and it does not arrive at its destination then the liability is yours. We can not track or insure regular mail so a refund if it gets lost or damaged will not be possible.

2.8 Advertised postal rates apply to Ireland & the EU only, for another country please contact us as advertised prices may not be accurate outside of Ireland. We are now shipping to the USA from 11th July 2016 however the correct shipping amount will not display until we get the right carrier. So we will contact you after your purchase for your rate unless you contact us for a quote first. Thank you for your patience. 

2.9 Shipping within Ireland has a maximum coverage of €350 only. Shipping within the EU under 2KG at the advertised prices only covers 150 worth of insurance. Out of the EU is only covered for €35 worth of insurance. If you require more insurance cover please contact us.

3.0 Your puchase will leave us within 24 hours provided its in stock and your purchase is made before 2pm, it will then reach you within 24-48hours (Ireland) This service is not guaranteed (Futher delays can be expetced during Christmas)

3.1 Nationwide next day delivery applies during normal business hours, not during the holiday season as our couriers are not available (Ireland).

3.2 If ordering on a Friday before 2pm your item will be packed and sent out the same day and will arrive with you on Monday (Ireland).

3.3 If ordering Friday after 2pm, Saturday or Sunday your order will be packed when we reopen on Tuesday and with you on Wednesday (Ireland)

3.4 Batteries are not covered at the quoted shipping rates, so please contact us.

3.5 Once your order leaves Radio Controlled Shop Ireland we have no control over its travel as it is sent out with a courier company or the national postal services.

3. Price and Payment

3.5 Unless otherwise agreed between you and us, the price for the products shall be the price advertised on the website as published on the date of the order.

3.6 The price for the products shall be inclusive of all fees and charges in relation to packaging, carriage and insurance to the delivery address.

3.7 Payment for the price of the products shall be due in euro at the time of the order.

3.8 Time of payment shall be of the essence and no payment shall be deemed to be received by us until it has been received in full and cleared funds.

3.9 All orders over €200 are subject to review and may be required to be paid by bank transfer or Paypal (verified accounts) only.

4.0 Paypal orders received that are not eligible for buyer protection will also need to be verified by the customer or a bank transfer may be required.

4. Warranties

4.1 Before attempting to use any model, please read the manual in full. Failure to do so may void your warranty. All model must be set up, used and maintained according to the manufacturers guidelines. 

4.2 All warranties, conditions and other terms implied by state or common law are, to the fullest extent permitted by law, excluded from this Agreement.

4.3 All products carry the warranty stated on the product description.

4.4 We shall only extend the benefit of the manufacturer’s warranty to you, and do not separately warranty the products ourselves.

4.5 New products found to be faulty need to undergo testing to assess if it is a manufacturing fault or otherwise, prior to replacement or repair.

4.6 Radio Controlled Shop will be not be held liable for a product that is not set up and used according to manufacturers instructions.

4.7 If faults are due to misuse of the product after purchase, or if faults should have been seen on examination or were pointed out at the time of purchase the consumer is not due a refund or exchange.

4.8 Upon receiving your order if the product is damaged, missing parts or not functioning correctly please contact us by e-mail, do not use it or your warranty will be void. It must be returned as received and not modified. 

4.9 When RC Shop assess a returned product that has been found to be misused, the customer will have to pay for the time spent on the assessment regardless of the outcome. (€40 per hour)

4.10 Returned products will usually take a week to assess before we can give you a result on any possible issues.

4.11 DOA - In order to be eligible for DOA replacement, you must make contact with DJI within 15 days of purchase from us (with proof of purchase). If not then after 15 days you will enter the regular warranty repair system provided by DJI.

4.12 If RC Shop collects your product becuase you deem it to be faulty and after testing we find that the fault has arisen becuase of misuse of any kind then it will be your responsibility to pay for the reverse collection (€16) and return shipping (€8). There may also be a repair fee included for the time we spend fixing the fault.

5. Returns and Refund Policy

5.1 In the event that any order is incorrect, we must be notified within 7 (seven) days by e-mail after the delivery. Please see our returns policy.

5.2 In the case of incorrect orders, the products shall be returned to us and we shall redeliver the correct order at our own cost. This must be reported within 48 hours by e-mail.

5.3 If any products are faulty or defective, they must not be used and returned to us within 7 days of delivery. If a product develops a fault, immediately stop using it, you must then create an RMA (#) Slip once logged into your account. Please then return it to Radio Controlled Shop for assesment.  If you continue to use the product we may not be able to detect the original fault and can not repair the fault. Therefore you will break our Returns terms and conditions and you will not be due a repair or refund. At our own discretion, we shall replace or repair the product free of charge and redeliver it at our own cost. In the event of replacement of any products, the products returned to us shall become our property.

To raise an RMA (#) slip
1. Log into your Account page.
2. On the My Account homepage, click History and details of your orders (or equivalent) to view your orders.
3. In the row of the order that contains the merchandise you want to return, click details.
4. In the order details, mark the checkbox of the item you want to return.
5. In the Quantity box, type how many of the item you want to return.
6. In the Merchandise return box, type the reason for the RMA.
7. Click Make an RMA slip.

5.4 If we elect to refund you rather than provide a replacement or repair for faulty or defective products, or we are unable to replace any faulty or defective product, the products must be returned to us and shall become our property.

5.5 If you simply change your mind about wanting the goods or you bought the wrong goods, they musy be returned uunopened. If the goods are in a new resalable condition, as a goodwill gesture Radio Controlled Shop will assist in an exchange for a more suitable product but shipping to you and back to Radio Controlled Shop will be incurred by yourself. Depending on the nature of whats being returned there may be a 20% restocking fee on items less than €50, 15% on €100, 10% on €150 and above.

5.6 If faults are due to misuse of the product after purchase, or if faults should have been seen on examination or were pointed out at the time of purchase the consumer is not due a refund or exchange (CAI).

5.7 If there is a complaint regarding a product after purchase, before a refund or exchange can be agreed, the product must be returned to Radio Controlled Shop for an assessment or may need to be sent onto the suppler for further examination.

5.8 All returns must be sent with a tracking number and insurance to guarantee their safe arrival to Radio Controlled Shop. All returned items must be in original packaging. Radio Controlled Shop will not be liable for any damage to items that are not adequately packaged and damaged in transit to Radio Controlled Shop. Shop service charges are not refundable.

5.9 Returned products will usually take a week to assess before we can give you a result on any possible issues and may also need to be returned to the supplier for further assessment if we are unable to find the fault.

6. Limitation of Liability

6.1 Without prejudice to the other provisions in these terms and conditions, these provisions set out our total financial liability to you.

6.2 All times given for delivery, restocking etc. are estimates only and we shall not be liable for any damages, costs, losses (including without limitation pure economic loss, loss of profit, loss of business, interruptions to business, depletion of goodwill or reputation, and/or loss of commission), claims or liabilities, whether direct, indirect or consequential, incurred by you due to any delay by us, including if such delay was caused by our negligence.

6.3 Nothing in this agreement shall limit our liability for death or personal injury caused by our negligence or for any matter for which it would be illegal for us to attempt to exclude our liability or for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

6.4 Without prejudice to the other provisions of this agreement, our total liability in contract, tort (including negligence or breach of statutory duty) misrepresentation, restitution or otherwise, arising in the performance or contemplated performance of this Agreement shall be limited to the price of the products in any single order.   We do not cover consequential loss.

6.5 Radio Controlled Shop are not responsible for typographical errors and are subject to correction

7. Waiver

7.1 If you breach any provision of these terms and conditions or the terms of use of the website and we ignore this, we shall still be entitled to use our rights and remedies at a later date or in any other situation where you breach any provision of these terms and conditions.

8. Assignment

8.1 We may transfer and/or assign our rights or obligations under these terms and conditions at any time. This will not affect your rights and/or obligations under the terms and conditions. You are not permitted to transfer your rights or obligations under these terms and conditions to any other person.

9. Invalidity

9.1 If any provision of these terms and conditions is found by any court, tribunal or administrative body of competent jurisdiction, to be wholly or partially illegal, invalid, void, voidable or unenforceable it shall, to such extent, be deemed to be severable and the remaining provisions of the terms and conditions and the remainder of the provision shall continue in full force and effect.

10. Privacy

10.1 All information that you provide about yourself to us shall be used in accordance with our privacy policy.

10.2 You acknowledge that you have read and agree to be bound by the terms of our Privacy Policy.

11. Variation

11.1 We reserve the right to unilaterally vary these terms and conditions from time to time. You should check and read the terms and conditions for any updates and/or amendments before placing any order with us. If you do not agree to any of the terms and conditions at any time you should not place any order with us.

12. Repairs and second hand products

12.1 All second hand repairs and testing carried out are at the risk of the owner.

12.2 All second hand products bought through Radio Controlled Shop's website (but not supplied by ourselves) are not guaranteed and are not subject to repair, replacement or refund by Radio Controlled Shop.

12.3 All new models purchased form RC Shop that need upgrades are guaranteed from new.

12.4 Products left for repair,assessment or otherwise must be collected within 21 days of notice given of their completion, otherwise will subject to storage fees and are not the responsibility of RC

12.5 Radio Controlled Shop will do our best to repair your model/product but in some cases the repair or faults cannot be repaired or the repair or fault testing exceeds the price of the model then you the customer is still liable for the parts and labour costs. We can only estimate the damage on assessment, which can lead to more repairs than originally quoted.

12.6 Storage fees are charged at 2 euro a day after 21 days.

12.7 Products left with RC for over 6 months will be disposed of.

12.8 Returned products will usually take a week to assess before we can give you a result on any possible issues.

13. Deposits taken on products

13.1 All deposits taken are a down payment on a product and are not subject to a refund.

13.2 All deposits taken are only a deposit on that product and may be due for a higher or lower amount depending on the current price of the product on arrival as prices rise and fall with currency changes.

13.3 All deposits taken are only valid for one week from the time taken.

14. Lipo battery warranty notice (Please read carefully)

13.4 Shipping LiPo batteries will be at your risk regarding them arriving safely. The insurance company does not cover these in transport. We will do our very best to make sure they are packed very well and secure.

13.5 Please be very careful when using any type of battery you purchase from RC Shop. Batteries can catch fire and explode if not treated correctly. DO NOT rely on the manuals provided for battery care and use this article to fully understand how to care for and treat for your RC batteries.

Its is highly advisable to store and charge all lithium batteries in a LiPo safe bag under no circumstances leave LiPo batteries unattended while charging which sould only be carried out on a non flammable surface!

ATTENTION: Batteries with a PCM(Protective Circuit Module)

For safety, LiPo batteries often include what is generally called a protective circuit module (PCM). It's purpose is to disconnect the battery in order to protect it against the following conditions: over-voltage, under-voltage, overload and over-discharge. Most PCMs will limit damage from a short-circuit, but the PCM may not survive and the battery should be replaced.

*If you purchase a battery from us that does not have a PCM, which is most common, then it needs to be charged on a charger that has this circuitry built in to sense the max voltage. If not the battery will continue to charge and catch fire!

For Example: Some of the batteries that come with the RTF drones we sell have the PCM built into the battery so the provided charger does not sense the max voltage. The PCM in the battery governs when the battery is full and cut the charge current. 

Batteries with BPM

For BPS use, cells are connected in parallel to increase energy storage. Since 17 amps is not required to operate an RC vehicle, battery current is limited to approximately 3.5 amps.

Since BPS includes the same protection as a PCM, a battery package for use with BPS requires only one extra component; specifically, a 3.5 amp fuse for short-circuit protection. With or without the fuse, a short-circuit ruins the battery. The benefit of the fuse is nothing else is destroyed and the cell is still good, although unusable due to blown fuse.

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